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Binsfeld Engineering Inc.


We are glad to inform that we became an authorized distributor of  Binsfeld Engineering Inc. that specialize in producing  dedicated equipment for Torque and Power measurements on rotating shafts. We aresales agent for Poland and the Baltic countries :  Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Germany.

We offer two basic systems, one for temporary "test" measurements (TorqueTrak 10K) and another for continuous monitoring (TorqueTrak Revolution.)

TorqueTrak 10k:

  • Fast & Easy Torque or Strain Measurements.
  • Portable.  Fits any size shaft, any torque level.  (Great for field work!)
  • Battery Powered RF Transmitter.  (Data Transmission Distance ~ 20 feet.)
  • Front Panel Display, Remote Control, Power Standby, Shunt Calibration, Voltage & Digital Output Signal, and more.

For more information about this product please see :

TorqueTrak 10k datasheet

TorqueTrak Revolution:

  • Continuous Output Data: Torque, Power, RPM and Shaft Direction.
  • Customized/machined to fit a particular shaft diameter.
  • Inductive Power & Inductive Data Transfer.  (No batteries.  No wear surfaces.)

For more information about this product please see :

TorqueTrak Revolution datasheet

For more information about Binsfeld Engineering and their products, please visit : www.binsfeld.com